Kava the medicinal herb
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Kava and anxiety, Kava extracts, Kava side effects

Kava and anxiety

Kava easing your anxiety

Kava is known all over the world for its medicinal, cultural, political, religious and social purposes. Kava is a plant from the South Pacific grown in some of the nicest places including Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, PNG and Tonga. Kava is one of best ways to relax the body. It was said Vanuatu is the happiest place on earth, according to a new "happy planet index". Vanuatu kava most popular noble strains include  "koallik" from Tanna Island, "Melo Melo" from Ambae Island and "Palarasul" kava from Espiritu Santo Island.

Anxiety disorders affect the lives of one in every six Canadians. Lifetime incidence of anxiety disorders is up to 17% for men and 28% for women.


Speaking to some of the locals and expatriates user of Vanuatu kava you begin to understand the impact that kava has on cultural, social and the micro economy side of things. Throughout the islands of Vanuatu you’ll find Nakamals (kava bars) were most social and political meeting take place. The Nakamals create a relaxing atmosphere for after work. A place where you can put your feet up and enjoy  kava's all natural effects. 

Talking to some people who use Vanuatu kava as an anti-anxiety herb is a good guage on how effective kava is in combating anxiety. “It relaxes and relives your worries it makes it easier to deal with whatever problems your you might have, I’ve suffering with anxiety for over 3 years I’ve tried a lot of anti-anxiety drugs but they didn’t really  help. After my first week of kava I was relieved that I found a good natural herb that’s helped me reduce anxiety levels" said Abul Bennett.

A case study from the UQ (University of Queensland in Australia) has found a traditional extract of kava to be safe and effective in reducing anxiety. "We've been able to show that Kava offers a natural alternative for the treatment of anxiety, and unlike some pharmaceutical options, has less risk of dependency and less potential of side effects," said Lead researcher Jerome Sarris, a PhD candidate from UQ's School of Medicine.

New research indicates there are advantages to using kava to treat anxiety, rather than pharmaceutical drugs. A UQ trial of 60 people with chronic levels of anxiety has found anxiety dropped significantly. “It compares from what we can see looking at our data, quite favorably compared to the other two options because benzodiazepines have been associated with issues of cognitive side effects as well as the potential for dependency, and anti-depressants while effective can also illicit some side effects in people.” said Jerome Sarris.

There are a range of kava products that can assist with anxiety. They include: Kava kava extract to make Quick kava (instant mix), kava Kordial (extract and orange cordial\Kool-aid), lava cola (extract and cola) and kava strips (infuse kava lactones into paper strips) to ease anxiety and sleeping problems. You can use these kava products for anxiety by taking 2.5 grams of Quick Kava Premium Instant Kava or a      330 ml lava cola it’s the same as 2 anti-anxiety type tablets. Post my research I would recommend  that if you buy kava, buy Vanuatu kava, buy kava tea or any related kava kava product it will help with any anxiety issues that you might have.







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